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Am letzten Januar-Wochenende öffnete wieder die World Money Fair für Jäger und Sammler ihre Pforten. Im größten Hotel Deutschlands, dem Estrel-Hotel in Berlin, ... mehr


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Good day,

and thank you very much that you visit our website!

We appreciate values, especially the noble metals. If you also do this, you are welcome! However, we also appreciate clarity and the careful handling with an even valuable “resource”, namely our lifetime!

Therefore you adept the essential of our business model here when we at the same time waive to expect the voluminous disquistions about the macro-economic basic conditions. If you, in the light of the destructive development of our financial and economical system , still not discover enough motives to buy and store safe gold or silver, or even platinum or palladium, as a component of a consequential capital cover, even we are not in the position to be of help for you.

We can be of help when buying and also with the safe delivery and storage of noble metals. Thereby the point is not whether you “bunker” everything at home or at our high-level security store, but we think in the “as well as mode”, according to the well-known market operator wisdom not to put all eggs in one basket. Therefore you find besides the enjoyed tax privileged storage of noble metals also the Gold-Silber-Kontor-Shop for delivieries directly to your home address.

“We live in a time of entire capital and abstrusely aims.”

Albert Einstein herewith presumably expressed his monitoring that the increasing complexity of our civilisation displaced the flair of meaningful perspectives and real merits. We believe that the actual brilliancy comes from the convenience of the aims and solutions. Noble metals are a facile and approved solution since milleniums in order to endure times of crisis and not to start fundless after a “rearrangement of the finance”. Please accompany us into a golden and silver future!

Your Gold & Silber Kontor AG